THE PRACTICE OF VISION / Necessità del volto
drawing and photography

artproject by Paola Mongelli e Petra Probst

My vision of the world? I want to tell it by a fairy tale: there’s an elephant coming into a village where blind persons live. In the evening in front of the fireplace everyone tries to describe the elephant. Who has touched his nose will say: it’s a long tube. Who has touched his ears: it is like a carpet. Who has touched a leg: it’s a pillar. Everybody has a different vision of what he touched. All of us are like this: blind in front of the universe. How many people actually are able to see?
Evgen Bavcar

Considering first of all that observing means knowledge and that the act of observing is effective if immersed in the full context of feeling, these workshops offer a way to approach the portrait passing by exploring our own face, the condition of darkness, the role reverse between who is observed and who is the observer. All this with the intent to amplify the concept of portrait, to vivify the act of seeing, to improve your self-awareness of the subjectivity of perception, to reduce the distance between who is taking photos and who is the subject, to activate the confidence in the proper emotions and not only in the proper technical ability.